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Stephen B. Morris graduated from Clark County R-1 High School in 1972. He graduated from Southeastern Community College before completing his Bachelor of Arts Degree through the Board of Governor’s program at Western Illinois University. He received a scholarship and attended Southern Illinois University School of Law where he graduated Cum Laude in 1984. While attending law school, he worked as an intern for Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance. He took the Illinois Bar examination in February, 1984 and was admitted to practice in Illinois in May, 1984 and the federal Central District of Illinois in May of 1985. He is a member of the Illinois State Bar Association and the American Bar Association. He was awarded the Joseph R. Bartylak Pro Bono Award in 2011 for his ongoing work with Land of Lincoln Legal Assistance for whom he continues to work as a member of their private bar program.

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For over thirty years, Stephen B. Morris, has represented clients with a variety of legal issues from simple dispute resolutions to appeals before the Appellate and Supreme Court of Illinois. The practice of law in a small rural community requires a knowledge and experience in numerous and diverse areas of the law, and with his thirty years of experience in such areas, he brings decades of experience to address your legal needs. A listing, although not exhaustive, of such areas is as follows:

Civil Litigation

Our office handles civil litigation for plaintiff’s and defendant’s in cases involving all of the aforementioned areas.  While striving to avoid litigation to minimize expense to our clients, when necessary, we are prepared to present an aggressive case to protect and preserve our client rights.

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Estate Planning and Probate

From advance planning to minimize tax consequences and maximize the transfer of assets to your heirs, to assisting the family after the loss of a loved one, we work closely with you to insure your future needs are addressed or assist your family in a difficult time.  Our services in that regard would include the […]

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Real Estate

One of the most significant decisions you may make in life is the purchase or sale of your home, farm or other property.  We work hard to insure that those transactions take place as smoothly and efficiently as possible, while protecting your assets through all stages of the process.  Examples of our services in that […]

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Family Law

The areas of family law are often emotionally charged from the joys of adoption, to the emotional strain of divorce.  Compassionate understanding helps clients work through the emotional stress of such situations, and when possible, work toward a mutually agreeable resolution.  When such a resolution is not possible, an experienced attorney will work hard to […]

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Criminal Defense

Being charged with a crime exposes you to a host of potential negative consequences, significant financial burdens to loss of your liberty and privileges, including driving privileges.  Certain convictions may affect your ability to hunt or possess a firearm.  Stephen has years of experience with criminal defense, including over a decade as an independent contractor […]

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Personal Injury

Sometimes an individual is injured and needs the assistance of counsel to work with insurance companies or responsible parties to insure they are compensated for their injuries and made whole to the greatest extent possible.  Such cases can involve numerous insurance companies and issues of subrogation.  Time limits apply and it is imperative that these […]

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